About Us

What is AIDCA?

AIDCA (All India Dawah Centers Association) is an association of registered Dawah
organizations and Social Activists who will work towards safeguarding the interests and
values of its members who promote the true understanding of Islam to mankind; and
work towards achieving peace and harmony amongst people of all Faiths.

What is AIDCA’s Goal?

AIDCA’s goal is to share resources with each other, to empower one another towards
achieving agreed upon common goals. Members from various organizations share
resources, ideas etc as per their potential on AIDCA’s platform, so that it benefits all
member organizations as well as whole of humanity.

State Dawah Centers Association

MDCA (Maharashtra Da’wah CenterS Association), KDCA (Karnataka Da’wah Centers Association), GDCA (Gujarat Da’wah Centers Association) and more…are being formed across most states of India Insha’Allah.
You as a member of AIDCA will also be given membership to the State Dawah Centres Association as per the state you belong to.

How to Join AIDCA?

To join AIDCA one needs to fill the information form of AIDCA and sign the bylaws as per a given format on one’s Dawah organization’s letter head or as an individual member and upon approval a membership number and card will be given. The membership is free