KDCA 7th Summit: ‘Balance your Life’ says Umar Shariff

Davangere (02 Oct 2016): Seventh Summit of Karnataka Dawah Centers’ Association was held for two days in Davangere organized by WISE. Representatives from various Dawah Centers from across Karnataka attend the meeting on Saturday and Sunday (1 – 2 Oct).

Presentations covering the variety of topics like Media, Legal, Social Service, Maintaining Relationships, Social Media, Terrorism, Dawah along with the Panel Discussions made the Summit a grand success.

In a powerful session on Legal Aid, Adv Shahraz Siddiqi urged the Muslims to take up the Law profession and equip the community legally. Speaking at the panel discussion on the same topic Iftikhar Islam (Founder, GPRF Belgaum) focused on respecting the religious feelings of other communities. “A Muslim should not hurt the sentiments of the non-Muslims” he said.

Adv Faiz Syed (President, IRC Aurangabad) while speaking at the event said, “Knowledge of a Da’ee plays an important role in Dawah.” A da’ee must acquire at least some knowledge of every field. “He should read at least the headings of the Newspaper and have a glance on it” he added.

In a presentation on “Dawah and Social Media”, Iftikhar Islam advised the members to come online and respond to the day-to-day allegations against Islam and involve in online dawah. He further urged them to make a twitter account and join the campaigns on social injustice to stand up for truth.

There were many presentations and interactive sessions of other speakers including Dr. Hafeez Ali (on Terrorism and Media), Shaikh Aijaz Saquib Umri (on Maintaining Relationship) who had participated in the event from different parts of Karnataka. The event was focused on following the legal procedures in everything we do for Dawah.

While concluding the session on the second day, Br. Umar Shariff presented on ‘Action Plan’. He urged the members to balance their material and spiritual life. Even by doing Dawah we should not neglect our social life. “Balance your life to the extent you give priority to Salah. Pray tahajjud without fail” he said.

“Even if we have ten thousand people, if our intentions are not clear, we won’t be able to work properly” he added.

Umar Shariff focused on Aidca’s mission and said “Aidca’s mission is to protect Da’wah” He also shed light on 11 different departments that are operating under AIDCA and replicated in KDCA. While speaking on the issues of oppression and fighting for justice, he said, “We are directly confronting anti-Islamic elements by saying ‘we are AIDCA.’”

The session got concluded with a grand event on which Adv Faiz Syed addressed the audience.


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