Lies About Talaq Statistics Exposed! – By ASIFUDDIN MUHAMMED

Recent media coverage of divorce statistics across communities has raised quite a bit of noise against the Muslim community vis-à-vis the occurrence of Triple Talaq. But is this data hiding something? Does the data really indicate what the media wants you to believe?

Let’s first see what figures are making rounds in the media circles and what is being interpreted. Then we shall see what is being hidden and what can be done.

The national media is projecting this matter as a national disaster and an epidemic particularly in Muslim community. But facts are stating otherwise. To a great extent, the media is not giving you a birds’ eye view to make you feel this is big. Adding to that, it is rather intentionally avoiding discussing a few factors which will expose the whole drama.

This articles has been written by BR. ASIFUDDIN MUHAMMED, you can click HERE to read the whole article.

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