Muslims & Marwadis in Bangalore Met to Discuss about the Gau Rakshak’s Attack on a Muslim Family for Slaughtering Bull

Muslims & Marwadis in Bangalore Met to Discuss about the Gau Rakshak’s Attack on a Muslim Family for Slaughtering Bull by Maseeh & Umar – EK AAWAAZ 22/09/2016

Last week the Indian media reported of an incident in Bangalore, wherein some goons claiming to be the Gau Rakshaks, by the tipoff of a Marwadi neighbour, trespassed into the farmhouse of Mr. Nazeer Ahmed and disrupted the sacrificial rituals during the Eid-ul-Ad’haa (Bakrid) festival. The members from the Marwadi community were involved in giving false information about the sacrifice to the Police, by saying that the Muslims slaughtered “cow” during the ritual. Evidences prove that the Muslim family sacrificed bull that is permitted to be slaughtered under the law in Karnataka. There was nothing unconstitutional done by the Muslim family during the occasion.


However the Police filed a SuoMoto case against the Muslim family for violating the law; and this was done under the pressure exerted by the goons outside the station. The irony is that the Muslim family went to the Police station to file a case against the goons who trespassed into Mr. Nazeer Ahmed’s farmhouse; but the Police succumbed to the external pressure. The members from Mr. Nazeer Ahmed’s family were also manhandled by the goons, the car glasses were shattered and also threatened by the Police.

The news was flashed in the media, reporting the entire episode, by condemning the Gau Raksha Dal that time and again makes news for taking law in the hands to harass the law abiding people.

The Muslim leaders in bangalore from various organizations and associations conducted extensive meetings to sort out the issue at hand. All the Muslim leaders unanimously agreed upon one thing by saying: “we will peacefully sort out this matter while legally and democratically pursuing the case”.

The Police authorities are apprised of the matter. Actions are taken against the Policemen who have violated the process of law. Media is well informed of the truth. And the members of the Marwadi communities were invited to discuss the matter at length to bring in peace amidst the communities here in Bangalore.

Yesterday, the PR group of the Bangalore’s Muslim leaders held a meeting with the leaders from the Marwadi community and expressed their thoughts with them. Mr. Feroze of Feroze’s Estate said: We must work for the cause of humanity. And that must be a great priority.

Mr. Iqbal from the Karnataka Muslim Muttahida Mahas said: the Muslims have neither taken law in their hands; nor have they created chaos; but hoping to see both the communities rectify the issue amicably.

Noorul Ameen seized the foundation and surprised everyone by gelling with the marwadis in their own marwadi language by clearly saying: how maturely we Muslims stopped a riot, as all our people had almost reached the area of conflict, yet observed patience to keep the law and order in place. On hearing to this, one of the Marwadi leaders Mr. Uttam said in humour: “Bhai, Marwadi ko sirf Musalman Jamta hai” – only a Muslim can get along with a Marwadi.

There was more which Noorul Ameen bhai spoke in an effective and proficient way that made the members there understand the seriousness of the situation. Later Mr. Umar Shariff, representing DIET & AIDCA concluded by giving them a solution for action towards peace by asking the Marwadi leaders to give a press note, either owning up the responsibility for what those goons did, or disown them by condemning their actions in public, so that the masses know that the Muslim and Marwadi Association is for the policy of ‘Live and Let Live’. The Marwadi leaders agreed saying that this was the best solution, and in 3 days time they would meet their community members, to form a conclusion to identify and take action against the goons, so that never again will this be repeated; for the Muslims and Marwadis to maintain peace all over India in-sha-Allah.

The forum also decided to strengthen the “Muslim Marwadi Association” to meet regularly and understand each other’s cultures and traditions to let peace prevail across our Indian sub-continent.

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