Organiser: AIDCA – All India Da’wah Centres Association
Event Name: PEACE INDIA 2016
Audience Participation: 1500+
Time: 09:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Date: 7th August 2016
Venue: Y.B. Chavan Hall, Nariman Point, Mumbai.


AIDCA – All India Dawah Centres Association organized an event “PEACE INDIA 2016” on 7th August 2016, in which the dignitaries Ram Punyani (Human Rights Activist), Syed Zakir Ahmed (Chairman of Federation of Islamic Educational Institutions), Zaid Patel (MD, iPlus TV, Mumbai), Adv. Faiz Syed (President, IRC Aurangabad), Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah (ICGF, Ahmedabad), Maulana Mustaqeem Aazmi (President, Jamiat e Ulama e Hindi-Maharashtra), Janab Aslam Ghazi (Sec. JIH Maharashtra), Mohammad Hussain Saheb @ Ameer Saheb (Chairman State Minorities Commission Maharashtra), Zafar Sareshwala (Chancellor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University), Abu Asim Azmi (MLA, SP President, Maharashtra), Adv. Mubin Solekar, Adv. Ishrat, Suhel KK, Adv. Tehvar Khan, Ashfaq Motlekar, Adv. Ubaid, Farid Shaikh, Dr. Azeemuddin (President, MHW Mumbai) Ashraf Muhammady attended the program and presented their views.

The Program started with the recitation of the Quran by the Program Manager of AIDCA Mr. Umar Shariff (DIET, Bangalore), followed by the presentation of the dignitaries.

Zaid Patel, while presenting a talk on the topic “ISIS is Anti-Islamic” said: “When it is clear on their official records that they kill innocents, how can it be an Islamic organization?” He said, “When poison is mixed with water, it doesn’t remain water any more. It is poison.” “ISIS is cheating people” he added. He also explained that “ISIS is condemned by all the scholars of Islam.”

Mr. Syed Zakir Ahmed, the Chairman of Federation of Islamic Educational Institutions spoke about the need for Islamic schools and the need to enhance the quality of education in them to global standards. He said he as an avid muslim businessman who travels around the world always defended India as his nation with great passion. He said “We need Islamic schools to preserve worship of the One True God and Islamic ethos in our students”. He promised FIEI will take Islamic school education to its zenith on par with the best in the world.

Another dignitary Ram Punyani while addressing the audience said: “Religion unites people, it does not divide” “The worst thing western media has done after 9/11 was linking terrorism with religion”

Advocate Faiz Syed from Aurangabad, while addressing on the topic “Muslims’ love for this country India” said, “In a country where Muslims build their worship places and graveyards, how can they be disloyal to it.” He also argued that “Only by the name Abdullah there were more than 4000 Muslim freedom fighters whose names appear on the Indian Government’s website.”

There were reverts who participated in the program and witnessed that they had accepted Islam on their own will and research. The anchor, Mr Umar Shariff, cross-questioned them whether any influence or force was put on them? The unanimous and quick response of every revert – that he/she has accepted Islam by his/her own will by research shook the critics.

Zafar Sareshwala, another dignitary said: “Muslims need to follow Islam and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) to achieve success.” “They need to follow Islam in total” he said. He narrated various stories of how Muslims were compassionate at the time of Prophet Muhammad and his companions. “The governance model of Umar, the second Khalifa of Islam, is ideal even till date”, he explained.

Abu Asim Azmi said “People of education should participate in politics”, “Politics changes the situation of the country”. He also said, “Indian laws should be followed in this country”.

Imran Khalil (Legal Head, AIDCA) thanked the Police Department for rendering their duties tirelessly even by standing in the hot sun.

Various legal experts had a panel discussion on legal awareness to protect innocent people from being falsely implicated. Advocate Mubeen Solkar while answering to a question from audience said, “we need to take legal action on those media houses that violate the law”. Advocate Ishrat said “Laws and police are there to protect the citizens”.

The members from AIDCA also defended Dr. Zakir Naik during the conference and said that the media trial was totally based on falsehood, and was unfair to Dr. Zakir Naik, who is admired by the Muslim community across the world.

Umar Shariff, the Program Manager of AIDCA said that the purpose of PeaceIndia 2016 was to dialogue with the members of the other communities, Government officials, Political leaders, law enforcement agencies, media personnel and other social activists. He also said the purpose was to clear many misconceptions from the pubic domain about the da’wah organizations, their prominent members, the issues concerning conversions and radicalization. He declared to the masses that the Muslims will never engage in forcing anyone to become a Muslim, for the religion of Islam doesn’t permit it. He asserted that “it is the duty of the Muslims to share the knowledge about Islam to the whole of mankind. But it is Allah Who guides whomever He wants to Islam”.

The presentations were followed by an open Q&A Session. The program continued till 7:00 PM with a full-house enthusiastic audience.

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