Umar Shariff’s interaction with Sikh community

I was at the Gurudwara today 17th May 2017, interacting with the Sikh community. I must say that they are a wonderful community, about whom a wrong perception is built through poor-jokes and misrepresentations. They were highly dignified in their manners and ethics, which they displayed through their reception and hospitality. I had an opportunity to even play cricket with the young generation there. I saw the management of the Gurudwara holding summer camps for the children, in a way that dedication was sensed through every single second that I passed by. They have a culture of feeding every guest there with good food, which is prepared by the men in the kitchen there. Women there are compulsorily asked to cover their hair and walk-in with dignified clothing. There was a huge resemblance between the Indian Muslim community and that of theirs. But they seem to be more forthcoming when it comes to interacting with the people of other faiths, in terms of welcoming them to their premises and sharing time in educating others about their faith and culture. Inshaa’Allah lot many things will be shared in the coming days soon.

-Umar Shariff

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