About us

Our association

Our purpose is to coordinate, stimulate, strengthen and promote the study, development and research of Law from a perspective of equality, social equity, sustainability and sustainability. We also work on the defense, promotion and training in democratic and republican values, based on the right to diversity, preservation and cultural development as a distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional trait that characterizes a society and its relationship with the environment. , as well as working on the defense and promotion of cultural heritage and the right to a healthy, balanced environment suitable for sustainable human development, promoting the active participation of all sectors of society in decision-making on environmental matters in all levels and promoting gender mainstreaming in development.

That is why at AIDCA we promote the integration of the different areas, given the transversality of the issues that concern it, through a multidisciplinary approach, and closely related to cultural, economic, social equity and gender conditioning.

We propose a space for study, research, training and debate within a framework of respect for the different academic, legal and scientific voices that complement and enrich it, in order to promote the formation of a critical spirit and contribute to the development of law. in search of the realization of our objectives.    

Through culture, humanity expresses its conception of the world, of the environment in which it develops and with which it interacts, evidencing it as a more than determining and influential factor in the creative process. Cultural heritage is the heritage of the past, which is made up of memory, history and traditions of a society.

Our values

At AIDCA we work committed to achieving the objectives that were the foundation stone of our Association, respecting the republican and democratic values, and the diverse voices that make us up. We are guided by our ethical principles, honesty and loyalty, in the constant search for excellence in our activity, in order to contribute responsibly to our society, in order to promote sustainable, equitable and fair human development.


 Our activities are aligned with the principles and Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact promoted by the UN -United Nations Organization-

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