Agricultural and Food Law

Our Institute of Agrarian and Food Law aims to contribute to the continuous training of professionals and students in the field of discipline by reflecting on the significance of the subjects of study and their relationship with social and community development, rescuing the integrating and overcoming vocation of human existence. Likewise, to contribute to an in-depth study of the legal relations tied under the guiding guidelines of Agrarian and Food Law, highlighting the social commitment that they contain.

Based on research, teaching and knowledge transfer from the Institute we seek to provide our own and specific responses to the subject, strengthening institutions and supporting social and cultural commitment.


Gustavo Gonzalez Acosta


Doctorate in Law. Specialist in Law and Policy of Natural and Environmental Resources. Buenos Aires’ University. Specialist in Environmental Law. University of Belgrano. Postgraduate in Environmental Management. Complutense University of Madrid.

Professor of Environmental Law and Natural Resources UNSO, UNLZ, UASB.

Legal adviser to the National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality. State Party Representative in the Governance Table of the Andean Mountain Initiative (IAN). Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Institute of Agrarian Law (IADA). Expert Collaborating Consultant Procurement of the Treasury of the Nation. Former Consultant Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (OAS). Member of the World Union of University Agrarians (UMAU). Party Representative at the Conferences of the Climate Change Agreement COPs XX and XX. Co-author of the Third National Communication on Climate Change.


The meetings of the Institute of Agrarian Law are held at the call of the authorities, in person and simultaneously through virtual platforms, so as to guarantee the active participation of resident and non-resident members in the region corresponding to the headquarters of the Association. . The joining link will be sent to members at their email address reported on the membership application form that can be downloaded below.

Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute may download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae, and must prove a real interest in the matter.

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