Animal Law

Animal Law is a cross-sectional branch of law that covers civil, criminal, misdemeanor, commercial, administrative matters, among others, and refers to a set of positive and jurisprudential rights, in which the object of the law is the legal, social, biological and psychic of animals.
The non-human animal is a subject of law. The most important advance in the law of ANH (non-human animals) has occurred with their change in legal status, which went from considering them “things” to understanding them as “subjects of autonomous law”.
There is a direct relationship between animal abuse and intra-species violence. Animal abuse is pointed out as a precursor to violent crimes against humans. Human beings who have a tendency to abuse or cruelty towards animals are also violent towards their family and their own species in general, constituting a danger in the abstract.
In criminology, when studying the common traits among violent criminals, one of them is cruelty to animals. So it is not something minor but an alert that must be taken into serious consideration.
For all these reasons, non-human animals (ANH) need trained professionals who watch over their rights and dignity, and in our Association we have pioneering professionals in Latin America in the matter.

Lura Cecilia Velazco. Director


Laura Velasco


  • Lawyer – Argentina
  • Master in Criminology
  • Director of the Animal Law Institute of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital, a pioneer in Argentina and Latin America since 2009
  • Author of more than ten bills nationwide
  • Internationally awarded for her work in defense of animals in Dublin, Ireland (in the month of September 2018) by the Argentine Ambassador to Ireland, Laura Bernal, and by the former Irish ambassadors to Argentina, Paula Slatry and Philomena Monagham.
  • Distinguished for her career in Animal Law in the framework of “Outstanding Women” in 2019 at the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital together with jurists, researchers and scientists and professionals from various areas.


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