Family and Inheritance Law Institute

The Institute’s main objective is the dynamic analysis of the legal aspects related to people from their conception until after their death.

Childhood, adolescence, family and older adults make up the main axes of the dynamic analysis.

The basic tools of the work consist of: the legal norms of different hierarchies (municipal, provincial, national, regional and international), jurisprudence (comparative), doctrine (of Argentine and international authors) and the technology applied to judicial and extrajudicial processes.

Interdiscipline is a valuable contribution in the study of subjects, specific activities, understanding and resolution of conflicts.

Some of the methodologies used in the approach of the different activities consist of the exegetical analysis of the norms, directed study, pooling, debate, workshops, preparation of judicial documents, exhibitions, research works, and presentations (presentation and defense) , among other.


Claudio Alejandro Belluscio

Honorary Director

Honorary Member of AIDCA

Lawyer (University of Salvador), 1998.
Specialist in Family Law (National University of Rosario), 2002.
Member of the Family Law Institute of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital,
since 2002.
Honorary Member of the Circle of Lawyers, Officials and Researchers of Law
of Family “Dr. Oscar Borgonovo” from the city of Rosario.
Member of the Scientific Committee of LIV
Interdisciplinary Law Encounter
Family Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.
Family Law consultant
particularly about food, diet
of visits, possession of minor children and de facto unions.
Author of more than forty books and several co-authored works.
He is Director of the Magazine “Family Practice and Inheritance”, of Editorial Hammurabi and of the Magazine “Family Law and Inheritance”,
Teaching experience:
Former professor of the Master’s Degree in Family Law, Childhood and Adolescence, Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires.
Former professor of the Update on Family, Childhood and Adolescence Law, Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires.
Former professor of the Postgraduate Course “Family and Inheritance Law”, Department of Law, National University of the South.
Former professor at the Postgraduate School of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital.
Former visiting professor in the Postgraduate Specialization Course in Family Law,
Faculty of Law, National University of Rosario.
Former professor of the Chair of Family and Inheritance in charge of Dr. Córdoba, Faculty of Law, National University of Buenos Aires
Professor in the Postgraduate Specialization Course in Family Law, Faculty of Law, National University of La Plata

Honors and makes AIDCA proud, the designation as HONORARY MEMBER of the Association, and HONORARY DIRECTOR of the Institute of Family Law and Inheritance of Dr. Claudio Alejandro Belluscio who is a reference that has enlightened those of us who continue him with his erudition.

María Cecilia Pistoia


She is a lawyer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, specializing in Family Law and Co-Director of IADEFA (Argentine Institute of Family Law), Director of the Family Forum of Morón, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Professional Consultant in Legal de Familia, Editorial Errepar, Erreius and Mediadora. She was Director of the Family Law Institute of the Morón Bar Association. She is a researcher in Legal and Social Sciences.

Sabrina Gisela Pinnavaria

Deputy Director

She is a lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Morón. He is a Specialist in Family Law. He has worked in the private and public spheres.


The meetings of the Institute of Agrarian Law are held at the call of the authorities, in person and simultaneously through virtual platforms, so as to guarantee the active participation of resident and non-resident members in the region corresponding to the headquarters of the Association. . The joining link will be sent to members at their email address reported on the membership application form that can be downloaded below.

Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute may download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae, and must prove a real interest in the matter.


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