Rights of Diffuse Interests and Collective Incidence Institute

Our  Rights of Diffuse Interests and Collective Incidence  has as its object the study, research and development of these rights, understanding them as those whose object is collective goods, that is, goods that are not subject to appropriation since the individual cannot identify his part, because it does not belong to him; they are indivisible and can be used by all individuals, so no one can be excluded, and there are no stricto sensu subjective rights over them. This entails a reconfiguration of the concept of “good” in which it is not linked to an economic value, being placed in the social sphere of protection, in direct collision with classic private law, for which, in environmental matters, it implies the abandonment of the classic paradigm and incorporation of the environmental paradigm, which starts from the social towards the particular where, in case of conflict between a norm that protects the individual and one that protects the collective, the second will prevail to achieve an effective protection of these goods, since they are not headed by a specific subject, but are scattered among all the members of a community.


Carlos Vera Bordaberry Zalazar. (Par)


He is a Lawyer, graduated from the National University of Asunción. He has several Master’s degrees, among them in Planning and Strategic Management, National, by the Institute of Higher Strategic Studies and in Diplomacy and Specializations in Environment and Clean and Renewable Energies. He is a Graduate and Postgraduate University Professor. He is Director of the Latin American Ombudsman Institute. He was Deputy Ombudsman of the Republic of Paraguay.

In turn, he is Coordinator in Charge of the Environmental Thematic Network of the Ibero-American Federation of Ombudsmen, Environmental Director of the Global Alliance of Local Ombudspersons and Director of the Environment Area of ​​the Latin American Ombudsman Institute.

Ismael Rins

Deputy Director

Is lawyer. Ombudsman of Río Cuarto, Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

President of the Global Ombudsman Alliance (AGOL), Secretary of the Latin American Ombudsman Institute.



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Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute may download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae, and must prove a real interest in the matter.

Hugo Corrales Compagnucci

Miembro Honorario



Oscar Rodríguez Quiñones.  Intendente de Asunción del Paraguay 


Guillermo Escobar Roca

Miembro Honorario


José Raúl Montero de Alba.  Procurador de los DD.HH. de Guanajuato    


Cassiano Zaccari


Ángelo Cariboni


Daniel Ledesma


Javier Alejandro Crea


30 de julio de 2020

El Covid-19 y El Medio Ambiente

Prof. Magister Carlos A. Vera Bordaberry Zalazar

Diario: El Independiente, Paraguay, 30-07-2020

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