Women's Rights and Gender Equality Institute

At the Institute for Women’s Rights, Culture and Gender Equality we study not only current legislation and jurisprudence, but also trends and social constructions about women, genders, equality, equal access to opportunities and prevention processes that can end in a situation of violence. We believe that the key is the intersectionality of the approaches to understand the multiple vulnerabilities that women and people who do not identify with binary identities can go through.



María Laura Lastres (Arg)


She is a lawyer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. She works as Assistant Administrative Secretary in the Office of Women and Domestic Violence of Justice of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. She was Coordinator of the Women’s Rights Commission of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital.

She is a Specialist in Gender Violence, Participation and Public Policies (Comunicar Igualdad OEA) and in Law and Scientific Investigation of Crimes. She is also a Technician in Management and University Administration.

Dora Alicia Mayoral Villanueva (Méx)

Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

She is a lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Sonora, Mexico. He has a Master’s degree in Education from Arizona State University, United States of America. He is an Expert Specialist in questioned signatures and documents. She is a certified Specialist in Criminological Intervention and Prevention of Violence in Educational Centers. She is a freelance translator, workshop facilitator and coach in groups for the development of interpersonal skills. She has been a professor at the Center for Foreign Languages ​​of the National Polytechnic Institute and Professor of Epistemology and Educational Psychology at the UNIVER University of Mexico.


The meetings of the Institute of Agrarian Law are held at the call of the authorities, in person and simultaneously through virtual platforms, so as to guarantee the active participation of resident and non-resident members in the region corresponding to the headquarters of the Association. . The joining link will be sent to members at their email address reported on the membership application form that can be downloaded below.

Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute may download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae, and must prove a real interest in the matter.


Alicia Puleo

Miembro Honorífico


María de los Ángeles Berretino


Mayolo García García


María Eva Brosio


Alexandria Alexim


Sabrina Gisela Pinnavaria


María Lorena Zárate Vidal


Natalia Lorena Mendoza


Vanesa Christensen


Laura Alejandra Ferranti


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