Ibero-American Institute of Judicial Studies

The Ibero-American Institute for Judicial Studies responds in its creation and design to the need to help maintain the quality of scientific-professional training and improvement activities for magistrates and judicial officials, and by extension for legal professionals. For this, it assumes the commitment to guarantee the seriousness and reliability of the accreditations that, in due course, correspond to be issued to the recipients.

It encompasses a set of activities for the teaching and practice of Law with the objective and firm conviction that contributing to the maintenance of a work of excellence by the different judicial operators and, as a derivation also, that of their auxiliaries, will honor the common goal to contribute to an administration of justice consistent with and up to the defense and realization of the rights of the human person.


Marcela Alejandra Menta. Argentina


Lawyer, Family Judge of First Instance and Sixth Nomination of Córdoba Capital, Province of Córdoba, Argentine Republic.

Specialist in Family Law from UNR.
Specialist in Family Procedural Law by UBP.
Member of the Association of Women Judges of Argentina – AMJA.
Attached to the Chair B of Family Law of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Córdoba.
Co-author of the Code of Family Procedure of Córdoba, commented


The meetings of the Institute of Agrarian Law are held at the call of the authorities, in person and simultaneously through virtual platforms, so as to guarantee the active participation of resident and non-resident members in the region corresponding to the headquarters of the Association. . The joining link will be sent to members at their email address reported on the membership application form that can be downloaded below.

Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute may download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae, and must prove a real interest in the matter.


Claudia Jessica Mosqueira


Daniel Ledesma


María Inés Ortiz de Gallardo


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