Our Institutes

Our Institutes aim to promote, coordinate and centralize academic research work, in an interdisciplinary manner, based on respect for democratic and republican institutions.

They are responsible for the study and research of Law, Legal Sciences in line with the social and cultural issues that concern them. They collaborate with the authorities of the Association in the elaboration of legislation in general, proposals for activities and recommendations, as well as cooperating in the studies of university academic plans for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and special courses, carrying out or participating in works, congresses, meetings , courses and conferences. Attentive to their dynamics, they constitute a source of updated information, so they will provide information on the state of legislation, jurisprudence, doctrine and specific situations related to their subject matter, develop other scientific, technical and cultural activities that authorities of each institute determine.


Director: Mario Peña Chacón

Director: María Cecilia Pistoia

Deputy director: Sabrina Gisela Pinnavaria

Director: Javier Alejandro Crea

Director: Karen Chaparro Martínez

Deputy Director: Nicolás Vasiliev

Director: Laura Velasco

Director: Dora Alicia Mayoral Villanueva

Director: María de los Ángeles Berretino


Director: Gustavo Gonzalez Acosta

Directores: Javier A. Crea – María de los Ángeles Berretino

Subdirector: Gustavo Adolfo Lezcano

Director: Martín Sabadini

Director: Marcela Alejandra Menta

Director: Graciela Ortolani Souto

Director: Carlos Vera Bordaberry Zalazar

Subdirector: Ismael Rins

Director: Fernando Tarapow

Director: María Laura Lastres – Dora Alicia Mayoral Villanueva

Director: Alexandria Dos Santos Alexim


Within the sphere of operation of the institutes, research and studies related to topics or problems of their specialty will be carried out; they will organize courses, conferences, seminars, contests, cultural activities or conferences of their specialty, which will be coordinated with the Commission, and may be proposed jointly with other institutes; propose publications for the media and formats proposed by the Association; Form the bibliography of the subject, with free access for associates; Create the file of the Institute compiling those that will join the general file of the Association, Propose and rule on the granting of diplomas, incentives, prizes, scholarships and special mentions; Collaborate in everything that is required by the authorities of the Association, and especially with regard to the improvement of legislation and public policies and Organize courses on complementary disciplines (economics, social security, notarial and cultural procedures). This list is merely illustrative, and may be extended with prior authorization from the Board of Directors.


Each Institute will have a Director and may have a Deputy Director, who will collaborate directly with the Director in the exercise of his/her position and will replace him or her in case of temporary or permanent absence, as well as a Secretary.

All associates may apply to be admitted as members of the institutes, after submitting the corresponding application form and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Be a member

To apply for membership, you can download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae/resume.

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