What do we do?

In the Ibero-American Association of Law, Culture and Environment

We work concomitantly with organizations that promote the study of Law and sciences related to our objectives, we organize academic and cultural activities, we prepare recommendations for both the public and private sectors. We are referents of consultation in the areas in which we develop our activities, fostering cooperation and cultural and scientific exchange.

We actively participate in the improvement and development of public policies, with a gender perspective and protection of cultural and environmental diversity, promoting equitable and inclusive development and the implementation of socio-educational actions in the matters that are the subject of our Association.

Our alliances

We are linked with scientific, technical and cultural sectors, being references of consultation for independent, local and international institutions and professionals. We promote cooperation and cultural and scientific exchange. we  interact with government agencie

Some of our contributions

We investigate and recommend the planning of cities and friendly spaces with the environment and the improvement, efficiency and legality of the organization and state activity.

Research and training

We organize courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and congresses, among others. We promote calls, studies, projects, planning and programs for sustainable development, preservation and balance of all ecosystems

We promote and promote

Legal recommendations and policies for the preservation of the social, environmental and cultural legacy; and we formulate proposals to the authorities and the community about our research topics

Disseminate knowledge

We provide conferences and trainings, we publish audiovisual material, magazines and books, graphics, journalistic and scientific articles, and we disseminate the results of our research areas.


Educational proposals

We promote the incorporation at all educational levels of environmental guidelines, biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of common and cultural assets, with a vision of social equity and gender perspective.

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