Ibero-American Association of Law, Culture and Environment

Asociación Iberoamericana de Derecho, Cultura y Ambiente

About us

The Ibero-American Association of Law, Culture and Environment brings together professionals in law, culture, environmental sciences and education, among other disciplines, with the aim of coordinating, stimulating and strengthening the study, development and research of Law from an equality perspective. , social equity and sustainability and work to defend and educate democratic and republican values, based on the right to diversity, preservation and cultural development as a distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and affective trait that characterizes a society and its relationship with the environment. Likewise, we work in the defense and promotion of cultural heritage and the right to a healthy, balanced environment suitable for sustainable human development, encouraging the active participation of all sectors of society in decision-making, promoting that the perspective of gender into the mainstream of development.

We are nourished by the contribution of the experience of our members, the activities we propose, and the constant communication with our national and international delegations. 

We put all our experience and knowledge at the disposal of the strengthening of social values, based on the full exercise of rights, freedom and respect, promoting a space for thought and participation.  

Law, Culture and Environment

Through culture, humanity expresses its conception of the world, of the environment in which it develops and with which it interacts, evidencing it as a more than determining and influential factor in the creative process. Cultural heritage is the heritage of the past, which is made up of memory, history and traditions of a society.

The different artistic manifestations induce us to appreciate and value our environment, constituting a discovery of the human being with respect to his environment. It is a window that directs our gaze towards what was at one time, but also in a space. For this reason, a regulatory framework aimed at protecting cultural heritage and the environment is essential, not only independently, but also valuing this precious and close link between the two, which ultimately make up the matrix of social identity.   



Sustainable Development Goals

Our activities are aligned with the principles and Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact promoted by the UN -United Nations Organization-

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