Criminology Institute

Our Criminology Institute was born out of the need to address criminological studies in the region from its own elements and original factors, which cut across different countries in a particular way. It is undeniable that there are historical reasons and reasons why they are very similar to what is happening in Latin America and the Caribbean; resulting in a kind of stagnation of criminological thought due to the application of currents coming from societies with very different realities.

Therefore, we see ourselves in the need to implement valid knowledge and approaches to work in analytical and applicable processes, leaving aside those that deviate from the social reality of our countries, since our social problems, which are especially peculiar, require studies and search for solutions that are suitable for those of us who live through these.
To do this, we work within a transversal framework and with an intersectional approach with scope in the academic, investigative and application areas to strengthen strategies in the criminological, social and legal context of the region.


Dora Alicia Mayoral Villanueva (Méx)


Law degree from the University of Sonora, Mexico.

Master in Education from Arizona State University, United States of America.

International Diploma in Criminology from the San Martín de Porres University in Lima, Peru.

Certified Specialist in Criminological Intervention and Prevention of Violence in Educational Centers.

Certified Specialist in Identification and Classification of Femicide.

Diploma in Human Rights in Practice by Legal Assistance for Human Rights, Mexico City.

Documentation Diploma on cases of Torture by Legal Assistance for Human Rights, Mexico City.

Diploma Access to Justice for LGBTTQ Persons by Legal Assistance for Human Rights, Mexico City.

Criminal Execution Diploma for Legal Assistance for Human Rights, Mexico City.

Diploma in Forensic Psychology Specialized in Children and Adolescents Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.


The meetings of the Institute are held at the call of the authorities, in person and simultaneously through virtual platforms, so as to guarantee the active participation of resident and non-resident members in the region corresponding to the headquarters of the Association. The joining link will be sent to members at their email address reported on the membership application form that can be downloaded below.

Being a member

Members who wish to apply for membership in the Institute can download the corresponding form and send it by email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae.


Augusto Renzo Espinoza Bonifaz                      Miembro Honorífico del Instituto


César Alejandro Paredes Mares


Juan Jesús de León Becerra


Alan García Huitron


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