Climate Change and Public Policy Observatory

Our Observatory

The creation of the Observatory of Climate Change and Public Policies of the Ibero-American Association of Law, Culture and Environment responds to the need to address one of the greatest problems of global environmental impact.

The objectives of AIDCA, its organization and operation enable and justify the creation of the Observatory in its field.

The Observatory’s objective is to study climate change from a holistic perspective, aimed at understanding its impacts on the human and fundamental rights of present and future generations.

The Observatory focuses on the analysis and information of the measures adopted within the framework of public policies, aimed at the mitigation of greenhouse gases and the processes of adaptation to climate change.

The realization of objectives and activities, promote knowledge of climate change through study, training and dissemination; with special emphasis on Human Rights and the equity approach to fundamental rights.

Public politics

The Observatory is also an area for disseminating information that contributes to the design of strategies and measures capable of reducing the vulnerability of the population, increasing productive resilience and the inclusion of the most relegated sectors.

For this, it is important to have adequate information on climate change and its impact, hence the importance of a space for the permanent exchange of information acquired from different sources and lines of research, which addresses the issue cross-cutting and interdisciplinary.


The Observatory works in a network with the different AIDCA institutes, international, regional and local organizations, and public, scientific-academic and business sectors.

It holds seminars, promotes and disseminates studies, organizes scientific events, participates in national and international projects and programs, and teaches training courses.


The observatory is led by a coordination team and a select interdisciplinary group of experts.

The experts, members of the Observatory make up a multidisciplinary team that responds to the objectives and purposes that gave rise to our Climate Change and Public Policy Observatory.

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